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A look at the global growth of Mobile commerce.. Mobile banking and mobile commerce market is huge,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The year of mobile banking growth is 2011

Let us take a look at this predicted future mobile commerce number.The latest World Bank figures mobile transactions the total are close to 600 billion globally.World Bank estimates the industry will grow to a massive $72 trillion by the year 2032.(See,soon the government will be able to bail you out with just a phone call). It sounds like the future of many industries will require a mobile commerce biz strategy.Are you reading this blog ma and pop? Financial and technological change has started . Many companies will soon be using new mobile and wireless technologies. Mobile and the wireless industry are just getting started in the mobile commerce arena.Think it will be interesting to see when is this starts a massive growth.Now from a marketing view,i think new customers will have to believe that mobile commerce transactions are secure.If you have a comment on any growing market please share a comment.Please have an impeccably excellent year. link Message Sent
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