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A look at the global growth of Mobile commerce.. Mobile banking and mobile commerce market is huge,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2006 cell phone users numbers now it is 1.3 billion more

Global Mobile Users in 2006
2 billion
Analogue Users 34m
US Mobile users 160m
Global GSM users 1.5 billion
Global CDMA Users 202m
Global TDMA users 120m
Total European users 342.43
Total African users 83m
Total 3G users 130m
Total South African users 30m
#1 Mobile Country China (300m)
#1 GSM Country China (282m)
#1 in Handsets 2Q04

#1 Network In Africa Vodacom(11m)
#1 Network In Asia Unicom (153m)
#1 Network In Japan DoCoMo
#1 Network In Europe T-Mobil (28m)
#1 In Infrastructure Ericsson
Global monthly SMS 36/user
SMS Sent Global 1Q06 235 billion
Mobile commerce growth numbers are coming soon.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Mobile commerce pre-launch

We are not going to invite you to become a part of this company''s huge pre-launch, using our WEB 2.0 Team Pre-Building System,,.Is this company real?The company says it is headquartered in Southern California, was established in 2003 and is operated by some of the most impressive executives in the world. They say they have built their own international proprietary telecom and financial services network that not only allows any cell phone on the planet cheap talk and texting rates, but to send money using the cell phone as well.(interesting)

They say they are positioned in both the $4 Trillion international telecom industry and the $750 Billion international Mobile Money Transfer industry, which will hit $1 Trillion by 2012. Again, the key thing you must note is they say they built and own our network and all technology exclusively.Do you know of any other companies that offers the combination of services they do, or that owns the core technology and networks that we own.By definition THIS IS a category creator.

This whole thing sounds like b.s here is the spill
As to the customers, they are a membership-based company.It takes decades of professional marketing experience that created a perfect viral system for not only our members to benefit by referring other members as customers, but have built, and of course own, what we think is the most powerful business opportunity for micro- entrepreneurs ever."

Forget lotions, potions, pills and juices; everyone has tried that stuff, it fills up the garage and can’t go global. Forget binary, matrix and other lousy commission systems; everyone has tried those too and they are tired of being hyped-up and putting their energy to work only to find out later that the business they joined is not there for the long-term.

Not only are we groundbreaking in the services we built and offer, but we have created a paradigm shift in commissioning as well. It’s a simple concept that no one else does; it’s called REAL TIME. Instead of customers using services in January, being billed in February and distributors getting residuals in March, our system pays out residual commissions in real-time! Every time a phone call is made, or a text is sent, or money is transferred or a member pays for services, commissions are fired instantly into the most simple and equitable plan ever. Since we have an entire planet to sign up, our bonuses are huge and incentives are great!

Our customer opportunity is to join as a free member and enjoy our international talk, text and money sending services, which are available to the international market place and upgrade later to plans that suit their needs. Our business opportunity is to join a company that has created the perfect storm of not only services, but compensation as well.

We do not invite you to position yourself right now at no cost into the pre-launch system. WE SHALL SEE if this is real.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mobile Banking phone 2 phone

This will be about how p2p is working around the globe.Is this Secure? It is one of the first words a marketer hears in talking about this product.People are interested in mobile banking,but wander just how safe their money is in this kind of banking.We will be back on that very subject.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The year of mobile banking growth is 2011

Let us take a look at this predicted future mobile commerce number.The latest World Bank figures mobile transactions the total are close to 600 billion globally.World Bank estimates the industry will grow to a massive $72 trillion by the year 2032.(See,soon the government will be able to bail you out with just a phone call). It sounds like the future of many industries will require a mobile commerce biz strategy.Are you reading this blog ma and pop? Financial and technological change has started . Many companies will soon be using new mobile and wireless technologies. Mobile and the wireless industry are just getting started in the mobile commerce arena.Think it will be interesting to see when is this starts a massive growth.Now from a marketing view,i think new customers will have to believe that mobile commerce transactions are secure.If you have a comment on any growing market please share a comment.Please have an impeccably excellent year. link Message Sent
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